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The Best Hamburgers (a little) Money Can Buy!

Welcome to the Frugals® web site! A Frugal  Burger® is truly "The Best Burger (a little) money can buy"!  Frugals® now operates in five locations. Are you hungry? There is nothing that satisfies quite like a hot and juicy Frugals® burger or sandwich, - and don't forget the fries and drinks! Take a few moments to look over our menu or special offersAbout Frugals®   

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Frugals® Restaurants offer a fast-paced, fun and exciting place to work.  We offer flexible work schedules, good pay, and benefits for some positions. 

The Best Burger a Little Money Can Buy

Home of the Award Winning 1/4 LB. Frugal Burger®, french fries and specialty shakes!

All of our sandwiches are cooked to order with your choice of: ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, onions lettuce, and served on a sesame seed bun.

Get creative by using our Add-Ons to design your own sandwich!  VIEW OUR MENU

Inside the kitchen of Frugals® double drive-in, seven-plus employees work elbow to elbow, flipping burgers, cooking fries and pulling milkshakes.

The lively banter of the employees rises above the sound of the burgers sizzling. Outside the pickup window, a customer grabs their bag of ¼ lb. burgers and moves on.

Behind them is a long double line of cars with hungry Frugal® customers waiting their turn.

By Dave Reese, Daily Inter Lake

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